Changing Windows Server 2012 GUI to Core

How do you change Windows Server 2012 GUI to Core? In this guide I will walk you through on how to do that.  You will be shocked on how easy it is.

I do want to note that this shouldn’t affect anything on your system. I have taken from GUI to Core multiple times and never have had an issue yet.  If you have please comment blow so I can add a warning to this post. Yes you can go from Core to GUI. Check out this post.


1. Open Server Manger and select Manage. A drop menu will appear and click on Remove Roles and Features.

2. On the Remove Roles and Features Wizard you will come to the Before you Begin section. Click Next to bypass this.Before You Begin

3. Now you are in the Server Selection section. Click Next to bypass this.

4. Server Roles section is next. You do not have do anything here. Click Next.

5. Now you are at the Features section. You will want to scroll near the bottom until you find a feature called user Interface and Infrastructure. You want to unchecked the Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure.

User Interfaces and Infrastucture


6. Once you unchecked the Graphical management Tools and Infrastructure you will be prompted to remove the features. Click Remove Features. 

User Interfaces and Infrastucture Remove Features

7.  The next screen is the Confirmation section and you want to check mark the Restart the destination server automatically if required. This will bring a prompt as well and you want to click Yes. Now click Remove.

Confirmation - Restart

8. You will be sent to the Results section where it will take 5-20 minutes depending on your hardware to remove the GUI.



9. When it gets finished it will start taking your features away.Restarts on you when finished  2

9.5 I also noticed at the 30% mark you will hit a black screen. Do not be alarmed by this it is just changing your features.

Restarts on you when finished 3 --- BLACK SCREEN

10. Once the black screen comes back you will see the normal restart screen again.

Restarts on you when finished 4 --- after the black screen

11. Once it has worked on all of the features it will restart the machine. Restarts on you when finished

12. After it has restarted you will directed to the Core.

Restarts on you when finished 5--- CORE


Do you want to bypass the Server Manger and Remove Wizard? Follow this link to use PowerShell.


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