Determine Installed PowerShell Version

As I explained in my previous post “PowerShell ISE” – what version the system is running has a big impact on the script and variables. You will also see in the next post “Automatic Variables” that PowerShell has provided us with a variable for this topic.

$PSVersionTable will give us the PSVersion, PSEdition, PScompatibleVersions, and more.  Example here is from Windows 10:


You only want to know what PSVersion you are currently running on the system that is running the scirpt. We use the . (Single Dot) token that will allow us to access the non-static member of the class or namespace. This is similuar to C#, Java, and other object oriented languages.


Depending on the syntex that is being ran on the computer you can do

Note the above commands only show you the current system you are on, but if you want to know another system you have to use the Invoke-Command.

invoke-command -computername $RemoteComputerName -scriptblock {$PSVersionTable.PSVersion}


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