PowerShell: Test-Path cmdlet

Test-Path allows us to verify if an item exist or not, by using the path of our choosing. We are able to use a parameter to filter out the object, or we can use the path of the object to determine it’s existance.

Get-Help Test-Path

    Test-Path [-Path] <string[]> [-Filter <string>] [-Include <string[]>] [-Exclude <string[]>] [-PathType {Any | Container | Leaf}] [-IsValid] [-Credential <pscredential>] [-UseTransaction] [-OlderThan <datetime>] [-NewerThan <datetime>]  
    Test-Path -LiteralPath <string[]> [-Filter <string>] [-Include <string[]>] [-Exclude <string[]>] [-PathType {Any | Container | Leaf}] [-IsValid] [-Credential <pscredential>] [-UseTransaction] [-OlderThan <datetime>] [-NewerThan <datetime>]  


Test-Path will return True if the object exist and False if the the object doesn’t exist. Here is a working script that uses the Test-Path
PowerShell Script: Copy File that Doesn’t Exist

Test-Path "F:\Test\FileExists.txt"

Test-Path "F:\Test\FiledoesntExists.txt"

We can use the wildcard function and the -include parameter to filter out objects in a directory. We need to provide the wildcard at the end of the path and also at the beginning of the file extensions.

Test-Path F:\Downloads\* -include *.ps1, *.exe[/code]

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