PowerShell Script: Bulk Rename of Files

I ran across a question on StackoverFlow about renaming a list of files in a directory. The goal for me was to create a script that would allow me to use less administrative work and get the job done quickly.

**Create global variables that can be used for all the functions.**

    Function Variables{

**Create a list of Files/Directories that we want to rename. We then let PowerShell open up Excel and allow you to edit the CSV. Once closed – the script will start again.**

    Function CreateList{
    # Create List File using .Csv
    Get-ChildItem $Global:CreateListFile -Recurse | Select FullName | Export-Csv $Global:ListofFilesCSV -NoTypeInformation
    #Get-Content $Global:ListofFilesCSV

**Now with the edited list we can setup what we want to rename the structure.**

    Function CreateRenameList{
    $File = Import-CSV $Global:ListofFilesCSV
    $File2 = Import-CSV $Global:ListofFilesCSV
    $i = 0
    $File | ForEach `
      $_ | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name NewName -value $File2[$i].FullName
    $File | Export-CSV $Global:RenameCSV -notype
    #Get-Content $Global:RenameCSV
    (Start-Process EXCEL "$Global:RenameCSV" -PassThru).WaitForExit()

**Now with the Rename list completed we can now rename the files we wanted.**

    Function Rename{
    Import-Csv $Global:RenameCSV | 
    ForEach { Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $_.NewName }

**Call the functions**

    Function GOGO{

I hope someone finds this helpful!


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