PowerShell: Manage Process by GUI

Here is a short little PowerShell GUI that I created that will kill a selected process. It uses the


to list the processes. By selecting inside the


we kill that process. The goal of this small GUI is to create a larger program with multiple functions.

Function ManageProcess{
$Process=Get-Process | Out-GridView -OutputMode Single
$GUI = new-object -comobject wscript.shell
if ($Process.processname -ne "$False"){
$Yes_Cancle = $GUI.popup("Do you want to kill $ProcessName ?", `
0,"Manage Process",3)
If ($Yes_Cancle -eq 6) {
Stop-Process -processname $ProcessName
$GUI.popup("$ProcessName has been killed as soon as you hit OK")
else {
$GUI.popup("You decided to cancel. $ProcessName will not be killed")

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