Cannot Create a New Partition Error 0xaab4a9f0

I was working on a Lenovo u510 that had an issue with the MBR and the HDD. I took the HDD out of the laptop and placed it inside another computer. I took all of the users data off the drive and formated it. After formating the HDD I placed it back into the laptop. I started to reinstall Windows 8.1 on the HDD. I got to the part of the installation when you have to tell it what partition it should be on. That is when it gave me this error “Cannot Create a New Partition Error 0xaab4a9f0“. If you ever come across this error and want to know how to fix it. Here are the quick steps to do it.

1. Reboot the PC with the Windows 8/8.1 CD in and Repair your computer


2. Click on Troubleshoot


3. Click on Advanced options


4. Chose Command Prompt


5.   Type:   Diskpart

6.   Type:   LIST DISK

7.   Type:   SELECT DISK # (Pick the correct disk 0, 1, 2, etc)

8.   Type:   CLEAN


10.   Type:   ACTIVE


12.   Type:   ASSIGN

13.  Type:   Exit

14.  Reboot and try again.

This will fix this error.


Microsoft Software Recovery

You have your computer ready to go, but you lost your disc. Well now you can navigate to Microsoft Software Recovery. If you purchased a retail copy of Windows, enter it on the site and they will give you an ISO file. Lets say you do not have your disc key. You can get it from your current computer or from someone else. You will have to get a program called Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder, but if it doesn’t work for you can find a lot of other key finders on the internet. Once you have downloaded the ISO file you can use the Windows 7 USB Download Tool.

To get an ISO of Windows 8 or 8.1 you will have to go here. You can use the same tool above called Windows 7 USB Download Tool to put it on a flash drive.